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  1. Thanks Jia, I must have missed one of the units, it does work now, thanks for your help.
  2. Jia, It looks like I attached the wrong file, those concentrations were in g/L and the organics (Cit, acet, ox, EDTA) were in mol/kg
  3. I'm attempting to calculate speciation in a complex brine system and continually receive the ion strength out of range error. The error seems to be focused around the interactions of EDTA4- with Ca2+ and Mg2+. Oxalate also seems to have this same issue. If I swap the EDTA concentration for the species we expect to dominate, CaEDTA2-, this just moves the error to another species in the calculation. The model seems to give accurate data when EDTA and Oxalate are removed from the calculations.
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