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  1. Thank u so muuuuch for the help! My reactions do involve mineral precipitation or dissolution. So I will try to use the React application. I'll also take a look at the tutorials.
  2. Hello, I am currently trying to run a calculation for a reaction that involves any mole of TiO and H3PO4, at any given temperature and pH. However, after I inputed these into the program, and ran the software, a message popped up that said Newton - Raphson didn't converge. I'm only a freshman student at university, straight of high school, so I don't have much knowledge in chemistry or science in general, but I am currently doing research and needed to use this program! Any help would be appreciated! I also hope you can explain it in a simple matter I can understand, because I tried reading th
  3. Hi, I needed to run a calculation for the various crystalline structures of Ti, and as I was performing one of the reactions, this error popped up. This is what I put in, prior to clicking "Run", and this is what popped up after the software ran the reaction. I would love if someone would help me fix this! I'm new to this program and am only a freshman in university (straight out of high school) so this is my first time using such a software. Any help or advise is appreciated! Ti.HEIC Ti 2.HEIC
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