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  1. Hey Jia, sorry to interrupt you again . I check the file in the basis and rectant pane for much time. I add the value of CH3COO-、powerD and so on. But the error is still same as before. It seems not matter with ion style. I wonder if the answer is about ion concentration. I have learned the reason, it may be the input of biomass. Best wishes, Wen
  2. Hello Jia, Thanks for the accurate answer. Now Imeet a Error: Redox reaction microbe-1 does not mass balance (error = 105.067300), which confuses me. I don't know if it concerns ion banlance. It seems that the ionic charge of the solution is conserved. I try to search "mass balance" in the community or GWB User Guide, there is something unrelated. Hope for your helps. Best wishes, Wen.
  3. Hello Jia, Thank you for your rapid reply! I find the software GWB has no "Save" function instead of "Save as". I have to overwrite it in order to update the file. When I open a saved React input file after choosing Thermo+lactate tdat. in preferences,I still do not find Lactate\HCO3-. So I guess whether there is a relationship between them. Best whishes, Wen.
  4. Hey, I am working to model kinetic reduction of Goethite using kinetic-Microbial reduction in React. And I met some trouble. The questions as follows. I don't know the difference among power, powerA and powerD. I don't know how to solve the error: Fe++ is not in the crruent chemical system. I find I don't wanna simulation microbial growth, so whether I have to choose kinetic-Microbial reduction in React? I can't determine the value of ATP or ATP number. To add lactate in React, I choose Thermo+Lactate.tdat instead of Thermo.tdat. However, lactate can't be found unless setting up a new file. I felt so puzzled. I have try to open thermo-microbes.tdat loaded from the website of GWB, but in vain. It shows a error that It is not a valid thermo dataset. Looking forward to your early reply, thank you! Best wishes! Wen. monitor2.rea
  5. hey, I want to make a kinetic microbial model about Bacterial Reduction of Goethite. The Chemical equation is follows:I have difificulty in adding lactate in the basis pane. I would appreciate it very much if you can help me. best wishes, Wen.
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