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  1. Hi there - I am having trouble installing the new update (v.15.01) for GWB Community Edition 2021. I was notified by my prior version (v.15.00) that the update was released, and I dully downloaded it. Prior to the installation, I uninstalled v.15.00 per the GWB instructions. However, now whenever I try to do the install for v.15.01, I get the following error: Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\GWB\Act2_scat.txt The installation is unable to proceed beyond this point. When presented with the options Abort / Retry / Ignore, and I select Ignore, I get the same error repeated for GTplot_scat.txt, Tact_scat.txt, Act2.ac2, etc. I get a new file name every time I click Ignore, and I gave up at 20 times (e.g., 20 different files... which seems like the error is propagating across the whole directory of files). I am trying the installation using my administrative privileges which allow me to do other software installations, so I am befuddled with what I'm doing wrong. I've tried both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions, and I get the same error both times. Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks for whatever help you can provide, -Jason Addison
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