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  1. perfect! thank you so much. this is exactly what I wanted to check!
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. If I understand correctly, GWB should have a known bulk HCO3- in the fluid or fugacity to calculate the corresponding fugacity or dissolved carbonates, respectively. The software cannot calculate carbon distribution between gas and liquid phases based on a total carbon equal to a sum of CO2 in the gas phase and aqueous carbonate species, right?
  3. I try to calculate CO2 partitioning between gas and liquid phases using GWB. I enter total carbon either as CO2g or HCO3 and I want to determine how this amount distributes between gas and liquid (Total carbon = CO2g + CO2aq+HCO3- + CO32-). However, react always uses the total carbon I enter as a total carbonate in solution (in case of HCO3) or in gas (in case of CO2g) and calculates the corresponding amount in equilibrium with it. Any advise on how to do the partitioning calculations with GWB?
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