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Found 8 results

  1. I want to be able to specify directly the concentrations for the species I am dealing with in Act2, rather than having to calculate activity to input into the UX. IS this possible? If not, is there a simple tool available to do these conversions? Thanks
  2. When developing pE-pH diagrams for Fe in Act2, when entering the activities for each species, such as the activity for Fe++, am I entering the activity for the ion Fe++ only (as derived from the analysis results from SpecE8 output) or do I need to add up all of the ferrous iron species activities developed in the SpecE8 output and place this total activity in Act2?
  3. Hello, I have a question about the mosaics in Act2 and the "speciate over xy" option. I cannot find a good explanation about what it is actually doing to the calculation to make the mosaic output. If this exists and I just have not found it, please link! I was making some mosaics and playing around with the speciate option and got a bit confused on what that option actually does. Does it "take" that element out of the 'soup' to force it to make the most favorable major mineral with that element in concert with the "main minerals"? For example, I swap Ca for apatite in one example, resulting graph looks the same, speciated or not. I swap the Ca for fluorite, speciated over x-y, the result looks different and I get the fluorite/calcite "sub-field" over the other main mineral fields. Ca swapped for fluorite UNspeicated over x-y gives a different graph for the main minerals. So the speciate is changing the Ca availability for the main minerals somehow....but I am confused on what is actually happening. Can someone explain what this option does please? Thank you very much, Danielle
  4. Here is my problem: I met a problem when i try to rebuild the figure below, which is under the T 215℃ and P 250bars: And my dashboard is like this: When i want to run it, a window come: So i can't go on to test the first figure. Can anyone tell me what's wrong, please? And How can we put two temperatures:215 and 90℃ into one figure? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello everyone, I am using React and am starting at log fO2 = -10 and log H+ = -10 I have noticed that if I add one mole of H+ into the system, the logH+ of the system barely changes. If I however add 1 mole of O2, the logO2 value changes over more than 10 log units. This effect is independant of starting conditions and is visible throuout all reaction paths ive modelled. What is the reason for the fact that if equal amounts of O2 and H+ are added, the pH barely shifts but the logO2 changes dramatically? Sincerely Manuel
  6. Hello, I would like to know if it's possible in the student edition to draw points of a reaction pathway on a stability diagram using Act2 ? If yes, how to do so? Thank you, AM
  7. Hello, I am trying to figure out the stability field of a mineral (Jarosite). When I try to plot the Eh-pH diagram with the "diagram species" as Fe(+2), I am not getting Jarosite, but with the same composition with a different diagram species such as K+ or SO4(-2) I am getting Jarosite stability fields. Why is it ? What are the implications of using different diagram species in Act2? Thank you P.S. Attached are the the Eh-pH diagrams
  8. Hi there, I've created a Eh-pH diagram for Fe species and hoping to upload some of my data onto it. But i had trouble uploading the data. I simply went to File>Open>Scatter data>[my GSS file] Then an error window popped up saying "scat: Can't plot scatter data; doesnt contain: Eh (volts)" On my GSS spread sheet, i have first column as sample ID, second column as Eh (SO4--/HS-) and third column as pH. So I couldnt quite figure out why it said the data doesnt contain Eh. That will be great anyone can advise what is the likely issue i.e. if i have formatted my data incorrectly on the spreadsheet? Thanks a lot Cheers, Charis
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