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Found 3 results

  1. Thallium and Bismuth do not appear to be selectable as ions (for the purpose of an Eh-pH diagram, in Act2). I tried cycling through the other databases in File/Preferences. How would I access these metals?
  2. In Plot Area, what does it mean to bubble in "Mineral Fields"? Do Mineral Fields show more stable species? They seem to be stable in much wider conditions. Are the mineral fields even relevant to me in an electrolysis project? I ask because the paper I read showed SnO2 / Sn, which shows up with Mineral Fields selected. Where as having them unselected I get the following
  3. Hello, Is it possible to generate geochemical models of photoelectrochemical reactions in an aqueous system using GWB? A typical chemical equation for one reaction is: Cl- + 4H2O + 8h+ = ClO4- + 8H+ where h+ = positively charged hole (not proton (H+)) generated upon the illumination of a semiconducting mineral I have tried to modify the thermo database (add h+ as a new species, copy and modify the electron panel) but I end up with charge or reaction imbalance when I run the model - one reason being that h+ does not have a mass. Also, apart from chloride and perchlorate, th
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