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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot an issue. I have created a GSS spreadsheet with water quality data for multiple samples and locations to create XY plots, however the Gtplot program keeps crashing when I prompt the request. I am able to create Durov diagrams, piper plots etc, the only type of plot/diagram which keeps crashing is the XY series type. I am sometimes able to convert another type of diagram into a XY series plot, in which case it no longer crashes. I have attached the GSS spreadsheet I used. Note - we inserted a blank sample at the bottom in order t
  2. Hi All, I've been attempting to add water quality measures such as Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus to GSS. As these measures are an aggregate of different constituents I cannot specify a molar mass. I have attempted to add them as a user-defined analyte and specified concentration and the units in mg/L. However, when I go to add these analytes to GSS the unit's default to mmol/l. I'm sure I've been able to add these measures in the past but have come up short. Any tips/guidance would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Clint
  3. Hi GWB Forum, I am trying to mix two seawater samples with the same chemistry, but different temperatures and calculate a flash diagram for aragonite saturation state using React following the "Fluid Mixing and Scaling" instructions. I have also calculated the endmember fluid Log(Q/K) values for aragonite using GSS. I am getting a very different answer for the end member compositions depending on which approach I take. I checked that I am using the same thermo database (phreeqpitz) for both, and am having trouble understanding why they are so different. I've attached my React f
  4. Hi All, It has been a few years since I last used GWB. I'm looking forward to getting started again! I've been having a few difficulties with loading up a large number of user defined anlaytes. Specifically, I want to add the following: Site ID Abs. 440 nm B (mg/L) Ca (mg/L) Mg (mg/L) Na (mg/L) K (mg/L) SO4 (mg/L) Cl (mg/L) F (mg/L) I (mg/L) FeII (mg/L) MnII (mg/L) Si (mg/L) D.O. (mg/L) d13C-DIC (‰, V-PDB) DIC (mmol/L) DNPOC (mg/L) NPOC (mg/L) TOC (mg/L) SpC (us/cm) Total Hardness (mg/L, CaCO3) d18O-H2O (‰, V-SMOW) d2H-H2O (‰, V-SMOW) DKN (mg/L) TDN (mg/L) TKN (mg/L) TN (mg/L) ORP
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