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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a way to do kinetic isotopic exchange as in Druhan et al. GCA 2013? I have a system that recrystallizes calcite due to hot fluid circulation and I've read some papers that look at closure temperatures for isotopes. Currently I have a kinetic transformation from a (segregated) low ordered to a (unsegregated) hydrothermal calcite. I was just wondering if there was a cleaner way. Crunchflow, as used in the original paper, doesn't do heat flow for some reason and so isn't an option. Thanks, Peter
  2. Hello, I'm attempting to use a custom rate law for a redox reaction but first trying to convince myself I understand the units expected by GWB in the value I return at the end of the custom rate law script (which is included as part of the GWB script using the requisite curly braces). The full script is attached. I'm looking at a (made up) reaction that is 2nd order in one reactant and 1st order in another reactant. I'm using the pre-exp and act_en variables to calculate the constant as a function of temperature (rather than setting the rate constant directly). I use the same equation
  3. Hi, I am trying to use the MATLAB plugin feature for X1t, I am having trouble adding kinetic reactants. The code works if I add a simple reactant, but not a kinetic one. MATALB code is attached...please help? Laurax1t_kinetic_quartz.txt
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