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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to model anorthite dissolution in Archean-like seawater under a wide range of w/r (kg:kg) conditions. I would like to run models for w/r = 0.001 - 10,000 (expecting to see a dilution curve at high w/r). However, I can't get the model to converge below w/r ~ 0.33 (i.e., An = 0.033 kg, H2O = 0.1 kg). I attached a copy of my input script. Can I get some advice on what I'm doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance! -- Adam input_script_An_archean_var_wr_allsupp.txt
  2. Hello I try to use React to model the water-rock interaction, but I ran in to a problem. First of all, I use SpecE 8 to balance the fluids, and the fluid was produced for Reaction. In React, I use the fluid to react with Abite, Anorthite, Phlogopite, Annite, Muscovite, Quartz, Maxium_Microline, pyrite and Daphinite-14. In the initial fluid (processed by SpecE 8): pH = 4.5, UO2++ = 15.2 mg/kg (component) However, in the Gtplot file produced by React, the initial values are (Rxn progress = 0 ) pH = 4.032, UO2++ = 0.0001326 mg/kg (component in fluid) My question is: Why aren’t they the same (pH and UO2++)? The SpecE 8, React and Gtplot file are seen attached. Best wishes Teng Deng Fluid composition-V2-output to input.sp8 Reaction V10.rea UO2++.gtc pH.gtc
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