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What is the optimal number of processor cores for GWB X1t and X2t?

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Hi, everyone:

I want to buy a new workstation for GWB modelling.

Can anyone tell me that how many number of processor cores are the best for X1t and X2t?

Based on my understanding, the simulation speed is linearly correlated with the number of cores (just like the following figure). For example, 8 core will reduce simulation time by half than 4 core. In this way, 16 core will reduce half time than 8 core. 32 core will reduce half time than 16 core.

So, is it always faster for more cores? Is there a maximum number of core for GWB? Or is there an optimal number of cores for GWB, like 32 or 64 or 128 or even more?

Thanks for giving advices.


image.png.658ac3e7ca05625d75580c51afd45be6.png(figure from https://www.gwb.com/multithread.php )

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