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X1t stop: apply_constraint: Bad conversion

Joel H

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Hi Tom et al.,


I am attempting to run a 1D simulation of reactive transport in a basaltic aquifer and I am getting the error message: X1t stop: apply_constraint: Bad conversion every time I attempt to run the simulation. This error results in X1t quitting.


Have you seen this error message before, and if so, do you know what causes it? Thanks very much,


Joel Hurowitz

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Hi Tom,


I'm going to email you my input script. I think I may have narrowed the problem down somewhat. I have a working X1t script that is based on the "weathering profile" example from the users manual. I started copying my X1t script line by line into the weathering simulation (that I know works based on past experience) and then reran the weathering simulation each time I changed a line to a new value based on the simulation that is currently experiencing this error. The working simulation crashed with the same error message X1t stop: apply_constraint: Bad conversion when I tried to copy in the "inlet fluid" values from the bad simulation.


I'm going to now go through the inlet fluid values line by line and see if I can isolate the problem further, but if you notice something right away that appears incorrect, please let me know. Thanks again for the help Tom,



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