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[OLD] Volatility ratio respected in GWB ?


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From: Paul Foellbach

Subject: Volatility ratio respected in GWB ?

Drummond and Ohmoto modeled the process of boiling hydrothermal systems 1985. They worked with the volatility ration (VR), a mass distribution coefficient for the partitioning of a volatile species. The ration is a relative measure of the affinity of a gas for the vapor phase in a liquid-vapor system and can be related to the Henry's law constant ration of pressure/molality for the volatile species by

VR = K*V/ZRT where V is the specific volume of water vapor and Z, R and T are the compressibility factor (PV/nRT) for the gas in the vapor phase, the gas constant and absolute temperature. Is this volatility ratio respected in the calculations of GWB for the species CO2, H2S, CH4, H2 and SO2 ?

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