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I realized that I can only activate / deactivate a program 3 times.
I need to use the program at the university on weekdays, and at home on weekends. Is it possible to solve this problem?
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Hi Ulagai,

I have reset your license so that you can deactivate again. This limit is meant to allow you to activate/deactivate when your computer runs into windows/software issues, not to switch back and forth constantly between two computers.

Best regards,


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I am facing the same problem...

It is nonsense to force us to install and use in a single PC these days....Most ppl move, have different computers (at least PC, laptop, so on)...Even more these days of pandemic that we're in between doing stuff at home, at the university...and you never know where you will be next day....and so on.

How to make a suggestion to GWB so that they can consider changing it at least for students...?

Seriously, that would be really necessary for this year at least. 

Thanks in advance

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