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GSS Mineral Saturation problem


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Hi, I am trying to calculate mineral saturation indices from GSS with the YMP thermodynamic database. The calculation fails because the speciation cannot be completed with the following error.


Ionic strength out of range.
Largest residual(s):
                       Resid     Resid/Totmol   Cbasis
 Al+++               2.247e+06            1    4.256e-07


If I run the same in SpecE8 it gives a similar result until I change the Al from Al+++ swapped to AlO2-, then it works. It also works if there is a lower concentration of Al+++. I understand that I am entering a component amount so I am not sure why there would be an error since it is just the total Al for the system. Anyway, attached is the GSS (this just has one water but my sample set is much larger and I would like to be able to plot saturation indices).

Test ymg 25.gss

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