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GWB Gtplot xy series plot crashing


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I was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot an issue. I have created a GSS spreadsheet with water quality data for multiple samples and locations to create XY plots, however the Gtplot program keeps crashing when I prompt the request. I am able to create Durov diagrams, piper plots etc, the only type of plot/diagram which keeps crashing is the XY series type. I am sometimes able to convert another type of diagram into a XY series plot, in which case it no longer crashes. I have attached the GSS spreadsheet I used. Note - we inserted a blank sample at the bottom in order to troubleshoot the issue, but this did not help.

Is there anything I can do to prevent it from crashing?

Thank you,



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Hello Chelsea,

My apologies for the delay. We looked into the issue that's causing Gtplot to crash when plotting XY plots. It seems like there were issue with some internal calculations for conversion units that was causing the plotting program to crash. I identified those by adding calculating the density of your samples using SpecE8 with 1 kg of solution and removed the samples where the density calculation failed. It seems like that helped with the crashing issue. Please find the modified GSS file attached below and let me know if you can launch XY plots successfully. 

Alternatively, the best solution to this issue is to actually enter the density for each fluid as an analyte (if available) for your spreadsheet, so that Gtplot doesn't need to calculate it internally when it attempts to plot it. 

Thank you for alerting us of this issue and your patience. It took a little bit of time to locate the cause of the issue. We will include a fix for this in the next maintenance release.

Best regards,
Jia Wang


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