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  1. Brian, Thanks for looking into it. I will give it a try. Laura
  2. Hi, I am running X1t with Quartz as a "simple" reactant. After the run, I would like to use the "report" command to display the mass of Quartz in the system (in kg). I have tried: report set_units kg report mass Quartz And this does not return the correct number. I can get it to work by changing Quartz to a kinetic mineral and using "report mass_remaining Quartz" but this slows down the simulation significantly. How can I fix this? Thank you
  3. Hi, I am trying to use the MATLAB plugin feature for X1t, I am having trouble adding kinetic reactants. The code works if I add a simple reactant, but not a kinetic one. MATALB code is attached...please help? Laurax1t_kinetic_quartz.txt
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