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  1. Hi, thank you for reading. I wanted to make a phase diagram of Ca-montmorillonite, but I know that I have to define the geochemical condition properly. So, I am going to make a initial water composition of bentonite. For this reason, I use 'react' and put the initial groundwater composition of Gyeongju deep groundwater at 'Basis' and Montmor-Ca at 'Reactants'. I used thermo.com.V8R6+ to define Ca-montmorillonite. The temperature was defined at '130 cel' which was usually used in high-level radiowaste disposal. Unchecked 'precipitation' at iteration, because I want to make only groundwater condition. Finally, I defined 300 yr to make a equilibrium condition. The question is below; 1) why did H+ moles in final results show negative value (-164)? And, can i solve it? 2) the results showed the same pattern with different time scale, 10 yr, 300 yr, 1 yr. why did this results present? 3) are there any method to approach the results more precisely? Thank you. Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwang CaB-Raw 0808.rea React_output.txt
  2. Thank you for your kind help. Now, I roughly made a phase diagram with Ca-Montmorillonite and illite. I used 'Thermo.com.V8R6+' database. And, I have a new question right now. Is this phase diagram meaningful? If not, how can i make it more meaningful? How can i know or tell the meaning of phase diagram? I know that it is very basic question and feel sorry to ask it. But i cannot find it at GWB guide... Very very thank you for your kindly help. Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwanga
  3. Hi, Thank you for your kind help. I can find the thermodynamic datasets which contain the imformation of montmorillonite. (thermo.com.V8.R6) And i also find the reference script of montmorillonite-illite phase diagram which were made by GWB. Unfortunately, i cannot make the phase diagram like capture.jpg... But i don't know what is main problem... Can anybody tell me about my mistake? Thank you, Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwang
  4. Jeonghwan Hwang

    Smectite dissolution with Sulfuric Acid

    Dear, pavanpec30 Hello, this it Jeonghwan Hwang, i'm new to GWB. I'm interested in Montmorillonite-illite diagenesis and want to make a phase diagram. Unfortunately, i cannot find any similar mineral as montmorillonite in GWB. Can you help me to find the montmorillonite? Thank you Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwang
  5. Hi, this is Jeonghwan Hwang. I wan't to make the phase diagram for montmorillonite-illite diagenesis using temperature and pressure. But i cannot find the montmorillonite in any mineral information. How to find the montmorillonite? I am very pleased to help me. Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwang