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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my problem: I met a problem when i try to rebuild the figure below, which is under the T 215℃ and P 250bars: And my dashboard is like this: When i want to run it, a window come: So i can't go on to test the first figure. Can anyone tell me what's wrong, please? And How can we put two temperatures:215 and 90℃ into one figure? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello Admin, if i am interested in a fO2-pH Predominance diagram of Fe of a speculated fluid with for example the following parameters: H2ASO4 as As = 50 mg/l SO4-- as S = 50 mg/l Fe++ as Fe = 10 mg/l Na++ = 39.34 g/kg Cl- = 60.66 g/kg T = 150 °C ive been using GSS to calculate the activities of specific species which i applied in Act2. For the GSS calculations i did not input any pH value since it will be my x-axis on my diagram. Now my question is if that is the correct procedure since of course using specific pH values in GSS gives me different activities of my species and thus greatly altering the predominance diagram in the end? For what pH or in general for what terms do the activities calculated in GSS apply if no pH is entered? Sincerely Manuel
  3. Hello, I am trying to create a pourbaix diagram, but am unsure what to write as my activity? This is my first time using this software so any help would be appreciated!
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