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  1. Hello all, I’m interested in figuring out how to use GWB to calculate the pH of a water in equilibrium with a simple mineral assemblage and PCO2 at a fixed value. Outside of GWB, one can calculate pH by using 1 or 2 simple assumptions but I’m not sure GWB allows for that. It seems like GWB needs a minimum of two constraints on the carbonate system, such as a designated amount of CO2 and information about carbonate minerals or initial CO2 and an initial pH. However, some of my assemblages do not have carbonate minerals, so I only have information on CO2 and I want GWB to calculate a pH wi
  2. Hi Jia, Apologies for my late response. I have already determined some of this on my own but I appreciate your solid explanation on the topic. Thank you for replying to my question and including relevant help sections. Sara
  3. I am attempting to calculate water chemistries in equilibrium with several common evaporite assemblages specific to my area of study and then run further evaporation calculations on these waters. It seems as if the best way to do this would be to determine the water chemistries in SpecE8 and then run evaporation calculations in React. For example, I am swapping in calcite for Ca++, gypsum for SO4--, glauberite for Na+, and halite for Cl-. Then I am including PCO2 calculated for 400ppm CO2 and a pH of 8. I continue to get an error stating "Ionic strength out of range". I have also att
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