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  1. Algo, as i have more water samples and the real isotopic composition of these samples while they loss water (by evaporation). I want to compare the simulation with the real samples, so i can take conclusions about samples that do not evaporate in the zone because they are underground (so with the simulation i can make and idea of the evaporation process for those samples). Greetings 😛 Mauricio
  2. Hi, I took a look at the database, but i found the species there). Below is the input script. It contains the chemical composition, deuterium and oxygen 18 of a water sample (superficial). What I hope is to be able to simulate the increase in oxygen 18 and deuterium as the water evaporates up to 100% (almost). My result is that simulation gives me a very small isotopic enrichment of oxygen 18 (that is what I think of, based on more samples that I have from the sector); and also theres no hydrogen enrichment in almost the entire simulation. Thanks for the help and best regards! Mauricio Test.rea
  3. Hello, thanks for the answer. Im modeling as you told me but when i see the results, only Oxygen 18 get enriched, not Deuterium (it ends with the same inicial composition at the end of simulation, with almost all water removed). Any idea of what im missing?, i believe both isotopes must grow while water is still evaporating.
  4. Hello everyone, I have chemical (major and some minor elements) and isotopic (deuterium, 18O) data from water samples. With this i want to know if is it possible to simulate evaporation, with both components at the same time, so that way i could know isotopic enrichment and final chemical concentration. Thanks for this forum 😄
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