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  1. Hi GWB team, I'm running a flow-through reaction with water permeating a parcel of rock. The incoming fluid is in equilibrium with CO2 in the atmosphere (pCO2 = 300 uatmos), but I do not fix CO2 fugacity. Question 1) If CO2 fugacity is not fixed, does that mean that there is no "head space" in the reactor to exchange with the fluid as it moves through the rock parcel? If CO2 fugacity is fixed, does that mean air-fluid exchange is happening? Question 2) I was wondering how is air-fluid gas exchange dealt with in GWB? What is the gas transfer velocity set as? Are there ways to edit this? Question 3) When reactant particles dissolve or precipitate, how does GWB deal with how particle size changes? Does GWB use a shrinking core model? Are there ways to edit this? Thanks for the help! Jo
  2. Hi GWB team, I'm attempting to react a specified volume of fluid with a certain chemistry through a mass of olivine with a certain grain size over a year. I am able to do this using X1t, such that olivine dissolves into the fluid as the fluid migrates through. However, I'd like to essentially add more olivine as the initial olivine is dissolved away. Is there a way to do this? I played around with doing this in React - like the "Flush.rea" tutorial - however that does not let you specify grain size. Another example is this quartz aquifer one: https://academy.gwb.com/dissolution.php which is what I’m sort of aiming to do but I’d like to specify grain size of the aquifer. As part of this experiment, I'm hoping to keep track of total olivine dissolved, total fluid passing through the system, and chemistry of that fluid. I've attached an initial script and database to give an idea of what I'm trying to do. Thanks for all the help! thermo.presaltnov2017.dat forsterite_large_v1.x1t
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