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Advanced users: remember to relink DLLs when upgrading.

Tom Meuzelaar

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Dear users:


If you use compiled rate law or heterogeneity functions, remember to relink your DLLs when you upgrade to GWB8. When you relink, be sure to:


  • Since GWB8 is multithreaded, functions should be compiled with the /MD flag.
  • Use the GWB8 header files (ratelaw_param.h, node_param.h, gwb_context.h), installed in \Program Files\GWB\src.
  • Link with a current .lib file (react.lib, x1t.lib, or x2t.lib). These are in \Program Files\GWB.
  • In functions to be used with X1t or X2t, avoid writing data to static or global variables in the C++ source. This avoids having different threads writing to and reading from the same memory location, which of course can have undesirable consequences.




Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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