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GWB version 8 is here!

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Dear GWB Users:


The University of Illinois and RockWare, Inc. are proud to announce the official release of GWB version 8!


Version 8 promises to be our most exciting release to date, offering significant speed enhancements and dual porosity model in the Professional version, and the brand new Geochemist’s Spreadsheet (GSS) in the Essentials, Standard and Professional versions.


Speed enhancements and dual porosity modeling

GWB Professional version 8 comes with significant speed enhancements. The new version uses multi-threading / parallel routines to take advantage of the extra processing power that multi-processor computers offer. Reactive transport model simulations in v8 on multi-core machines run significantly faster than they would in v7 on single-core computers!

GWB Professional version 8 also offers new dual porosity modeling capabilities


GSS - THE spreadsheet for water data

The Geochemist's Spreadsheet (GSS) is a great place to store all of your water data. GSS comes with GWB v8 (Essentials, Standard and Professional) and offers the following features and benefits:


  • Fast speciation, mineral saturation and gas fugacities for multiple samples
  • Convert units for numerous samples with one click
  • Create cross plots, series and time series graphs for multiple analyses
  • Intelligent cross plots- symbols, colors and marker size by analyte or sample
  • Your favorite plots: triangular, Piper, Durov, Schoeller, Stiff, Radial, Bar Chart, Pie Chart
  • Overlay GSS data on redox-pH, activity-activity diagrams in Act2
  • Compare replicates and check against standards
  • Check analytes against regulatory limits
  • Quick fluid mixing
  • Sort spreadsheet data by name or value
  • Launch SpecE8 or React for any sample, or for multiple samples in batch mode!


Please visit the RockWare GWB web pages for additional details and pricing information.


Feel free to contact me directly by email (gwb@rockware.com) or telephone (303 640 5526) with any questions.




Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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