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GWB 8.0.6 patch released

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Dear GWB Users:


We have released GWB 8.0.6, which addresses the following issues:

  • Preliminary support for Windows 7.
  • Correct problem converting to units of electrical equivalents when making certain plots.
  • In GSS, allow mixing of samples in arbitrary mass ratios.
  • User can set header and trailer commands when launching SpecE8 and React from GSS.
  • GSS can compute component and species concentrations as Calculated Analytes.
  • User can choose to ignore zero-valued and less-than-valued cells in GSS, when performing calculations.
  • GSS can use a value reported for carbonate alkalinity to constrain the carbonate composition of a fluid.
  • Fix various issues in Gtplot and Xtplot, especially with respect to selecting units.
  • Correct several problems with overlaying scatter data in Gtplot and Xtplot.
  • New predefined variable "Time elapsed" in GSS to simplify adding scatter data to plot of kinetic simulations.
  • Landscape printing of GSS data sheets.
  • Assure data legend fits onto printouts of scatter plots
  • User's Guides are hyperlinked
  • Better support for landscape and color printing from GSS
  • Improved "connect scatter points" feature in Gtplot and Xtplot
  • Show per-kg units in GSS when calculating charge imbalance
  • Fix a problem in multithreaded polythermal runs using Pitzer model
  • Improve label positioning when copying special plots to clipboard
  • Implement control scripts
  • Provide two header files for user DLLs missing in 8.0 install
  • Correct minor problem with report command
  • Fix all known problems with the GUI
  • Resolve all known issues with 8.0 through 8.0.5


Note that this patch includes the flaw in the alkalinity command in GWB releases 8.0 through 8.0.4 (addressed in previous patch 8.0.5).


Please contact me with any questions.




Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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