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Adding Tunstate to basis

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I have been trying to update the thermo database for both Mo and W speciation. I have had no problems adding Mo+++, MO4-- and a variety of Mo aqueous species and minerals. This is not the case for Tungsten. I succesfully added W to the elements, but upon adding WO4-- to the basis species (see input below), I get an error message. I've chosen to add WO4-- into the basis, as opposed to the aqueous species, since this is the main basis used in the various aqueous and mineral reactions.


charge= -2.0 ion size= 1.4 A mole wt.= 247.8376

2 elements in species

4.000 O 1.000 W

I've made sure that I have tallied the # of species properly, and checked formatting but the program still quits reading when it reaches this line. What is wrong? I have tried to attach the file, but apparently I am not permitted to upload this type of file. I'll gladly send it along in case you think you can help me troubleshoot this issue.



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