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GWB 2021 (version 15.0.0) known issues

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Dear GWB users,

A problem was detected reading in thermo dataset entries that were edited by hand in a text editor when tabs are used in place of spaces in an entry, such as between a mineral's name and its type:

Calcite                type= carbonate
     formula= CaCO3
     mole vol.=    36.9 cc      mole wt.=   100.0892 g

The user would receive an error like "Could not suppress Calcite" or "Could not identify reactant species Calcite".

The issue has been fixed and a release candidate installer is available to get affected users up and running right away:

GWB 15.0.1rc1 installer

The fix will eventually be available in an official maintenance release. At that time, users with the release candidate installed will be automatically notified of the update.

If you encounter any more issues, please notify us here. We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy using The Geochemist's Workbench.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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