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Custom Rate Laws

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Dear Tom,


I have tried unsuccessfully to implement a very simple rate law command by embedding it in my react code using brackets, quotation marks and single quotes and by trying to call it as a basic program. Nothing seems to work. The problem I suspect with trying to call the basic subroutine is that it cannot recognize my text file. I've tried using the PRINT command to print the "rate" value being returned and it doesn't seem to recognize the "rate =" even though that is how the manual says I should format the command. Could you give me some guidance on how to implement my custom rate laws? thanks, tco


I've attached the short rate law program and also the longer REACT program that calls it at react H2(s). This species is one that I have defined in my customize thermo database and works just fine with REACT.


I'm using Vers. 8 Standard running on Windows on a MAC (as a separate sector on my hard drive). no problems otherwise.


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