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I am trying to recreate a figure from two papers that used Act2 to determine the stability fields of certain zeolites, both of which I have attached to this thread. I am very new to this program and was wondering if I could get some general questions answered. I've looked through the guides, and if I've missed the answers to these I apologize, but I was wondering:

1. What do the "diagram species" and "in the presence of" boxes refer to exactly? 

2. How do I add minerals to the database that I need for my research? I know analcime is in there, but it is missing phillipsite and chabazite. 

I know how to add in the x-y axis as they are in these figures, but when it comes to "diagram species" and "in the presence of" I'm not entirely sure what it means. Right now, I know that for my purposes Log a H2O = 1 and Log a SiO2 = -3.7. Does SiO2 go into the "in the presence of" box? I am mostly interested in zeolites, and some authigenic feldspar, so I am just curious how those would fit into these diagrams with the inputs provided in Act2. 




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