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Flush and Cutoff Coupling

Bob Smith

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I have been using React (Release 8.05 build 3829) to model a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) using the “flush” option and have discovered the “cutoff” option does not work as I expected. I have run a set of simulation with


react .05 kg/day of Br-, cutoff = .1 kg




time start = 0 days, end = 7 days

time start = 0 days, end = 14 days

time start = 0 days, end = 21 days


for these three cases the total amount of Br- reacted from the React_output.txt files is 350, 700, and 1050 g, respectively. First, all these values exceed the 0.1 kg (100 g) “cutoff” and second there is a linear coupling between “cutoff” and the length of the simulation.


One of the input files is attached however I find this behavior in all the simulations that I have tried.




Bob Smith


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