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continued issues with Act2 and scatter data


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I have succeeded in following Tom's recommendations to plot 30 or 40 data points from a .gss file onto an Act2 diagram, but now I'm trying it with a big file- 311 samples. nothing plots and i get the following error message:


The instruction at "0x7c910a19" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Once again, I can't upload the .gss file because I get the error message, "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of data file."

any insight would be appreciated.



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Hi, Tom (or whomever),


I converted the .gss file to .txt (tab-delimited) and that will upload. My Act2 commands are as follows:


Act2> diagram Al+++ on Al+++ vs pH

Act2> x 2 9; y -20 0

Act2> go


then in the plot view of Act2, I go to open>scatter data>test and that's when I get the error message.






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Hi, Tom,


Thanks, I suspected this might be the case. i was playing around with the data last week and was able to get all the points to plot if I broke the dataset into 4 or 5 smaller pieces. So I was reasonably sure that there wasn't a specific problem with any one of the data points. for now, do you know the limit of points i can have without triggering problems?






As a follow-up, this appears to be a bug tied to the number of samples in the GSS dataset, as the scatter points plot fine when I reduce the GSS dataset that you provided.


We'll get this address in the next patch, GWB 8.0.10.








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