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electrical conductivity and TDS


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Hi i'm modeling a Ca-OH water type system recating it with CO2 and on another case with H2SO4. With CO2 the graphs on REACT correlates when plotting dissolved solids or EC versus CO2 reacted. However, when plotting the same using sulphuric acid it does not. what could be the problem?



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Hi Tom,


Thanks for your reply. I have attached the GSS file. I modelled two scenarios allowing for pptn. 1) Reacted with 2 g CO2(g) and 2) reacted with 2.5 g H2SO4. In scenario 1 the conductivity vs CO2 added correlates with TDS vs CO2 added. However, in scenario 2 it is not the case. This is what i'm investigating.



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Thanks Mooketsi:


For your H2SO4 run, TDS appears to increase with H2SO4 reacted. Electrical conductivity, however, follows the concentration of the OH- anions and H+ cations, which have stronger conductance values than the major anions and cations.


Refer to Standard Methods 2510A for further information.


I hope that helps,



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