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error mesages during batch job


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I created a batch job for about 100 individual react input files. When starting the job several error messages occurred after a couple of react input files have been calculated:


“Warning: Failed to center progress window.” followed by

“Warning: Failed to update progress window.”


Independent of the first two messages “React stop: SetIcon – winfo. React is ending.” sometimes appears and causes the termination of react.


I used the “pause” command within the batch job to identify a possible corrupt react file. I recognized that the error messages occurred only when I clicked too quickly on the “OK” button to proceed with the next react file. Bay waiting one or two seconds before clicking “OK” the react files run without trouble. All of the react jobs worked fine when called separately.


What is going on? How can I regain the comfort of the batch job?


(I am using react, release 7.0.6)


Best regards,


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