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Running GWB on a Mac with Windows Parallels using a hardware lock

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Thanks to Craig Cooper, Idaho National Laboratory, for providing a few pointers on how Mac users can get their hardware locks working correctly in Windows Parallels. Craig writes:


  • The basic problem is to force the computer to register the dongle under the Windows Parallels OS rather than the Mac OS
  • One way to do this is to plug the dongle into the port while the windows OS is booting. This tends to force the windows OS to recognize the dongle during startup and load it into the registry. Once it's in the registry, you can plug the dongle in anyttime. Once this
  • Another trick is to view Windows Parallels in the "single window" view. This reveals a set of icons in the bottom RHS of the windows view. Once this is done, select the USB icon, click, and be sure that HASP 2.17 is checked. This will force the dongle to register under the Windows Parallells OS.


Although we do not formally support GWB for the Mac platform, and do not have a Mac machine in-house for testing, we are more than happy to post other users experiences with GWB on this platform.




Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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