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GSS crashes


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Hi Tom,

I kind of upset with GSS behavior. It crashes sometimes, ~40% cases, when I try to save it. No error messages. Nothing. Gets closed with no changes in the file. I get feeling that it is happening whent I try to change ether concentration units or symbols for the samples. I am getting irritated redoing the work. I can do water chemistry diagram plotting in AqQA that I bight from you, but it has very limited editing options for the plot.

Please see attached file and reccomend what to do.




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Hi Nikolay:


Sorry you are getting frustrated.


I have your GSS file, and have tried both changing symbols and units, and saving thereafter, but I cannot replicate the crash. First item to consider, have you patched to the latest version of GSS (8.0.10)?


If I can replicate it, we can probably fix it...





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I cannot patch it.

See attched.

(Read above one time more and that I am more poet than geochemist)

I am sure that I have GWB 8.0post-9906-062650500 1292622542_thumb.jpg


ok, the fact that you cannot patch has me worried that your installation has somehow become corrupted. Let's try the following:


1. Uninstall GWB from your computer

2. Send me an email- I will email back a link for the full GWB 8.0.10 installation executable (so that you don't have to patch)

3. Reinstall.


Let's see if that takes care of the issue.





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