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I am a begginner user of the GWB. I created a GSS file of annual (2006 to 2010) water quality data for various sampling stations for a site. When I launch Gtplot (to create a piper of these data) the plot creates a different symbol for each data point. While i am able to modify the symbols so that data from the same station are represented by the same symbol, I would rather be able to group points together so that GWB "knows" they are from the same well, because, in presenting the data I would like to have a legend that shows a symbol for each station rather than each result. Is there a way to group data?


If I have not described my problem sufficiently or clearly I'd be happy to elaborate.


Thanks for any help in advance.



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Hi Laura:


When it comes to plotting GSS data in Gtplot, you can group symbols by sample or analyte:


  1. Be sure to set the appropriate symbol, color and size in the GSS spreadsheet. If you want to plot groups of samples or analytes, give them the same symbol
  2. In the Gtplot module, choose Edit - GSS data... and then choose to plot your symbol type, symbol color and symbol size by either sample or analyte


Let me know if that answers your question.




Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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Thanks for your response, however, it didn't quite answer my question. The attached file is a screen shot of the legend of the piper that I created. there are three stations (represented by orange squares, green circles and blue stars) with annual data for each. I want the legend to show only three symbols (one for each station) such that it reads: station 1 (orange square), station 2 (green circles), and station 3 (blue star), rather than show a symbol for each annual result (as in the attached)


can I do this with GSS or Gtplot?

post-10009-045575700 1297101931_thumb.jpg

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Hi Laura:


Ok- I understand now. No, you cannot do this in Gtplot. However, if you export the image as a vector file (File - Save Image As...) then you can create your final image in a third party image modification application (such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) that is better suited for such tasks.


Hope that helps,



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