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Negative pH?

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I was recently using React to speciate a fluid from an experimental analysis. Basically, I ran an experiment at elevated temperature, but pH and cation/anion fluid analysis were measured at room temperature. I use React to rebalance the fluid at the higher temperature; however, several of my experiments have negative pH (~-0.15). React did not seem to like that. When I tried to run the model, it would say that H+ activity was negative and not give any output. I am working with 1 M H2SO4, so the pH should be that low. Can React (and the other modules) not handle negative pH?


thank you,


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Hi Emma:


React can work with waters that have negative pH (see attached script), but I don't think it will take a negative pH as input. Instead, use the equivalent proton activity to constrain your model.


I hope that helps.


Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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