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Problem with Thermo-HMW

Fer Gomez

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Hi Tom and everybody, two questions:

1- I was trying to repeat the excercise about sewater evaporation as shown in the page 367-368 of the book Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling and when I try to run it (either from the graphic users interface or straight form the commands window) this error message appears "Error: "Could not operate REACT-Output XT file (Do you have write permission in this directory?)" This only happens when I use the Thermo-HMW database (which is the original the software came with). If I use Thermo.dat for example apparently has no problems. Can be just a mistake in the database? I used it for other modeling excercises and it worked.


2-Is there any place where I could see how to install the GWB 8.0.12 patch released? I downloaded the file but then I am not sure what to do.


I would really appreciate any help with this,


Best regadrs



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It sounds like you are either working from a restricted directory (like c:\program files\gwb) or the directory was changed when you loaded the hmw dataset. Type the command 'cd' (no quotess) to see which directory you are in, and 'chdir "..."' to change your directory (i.e. chdir "c:\users\bfarrell"). Typing 'chdir ~' will take you to your home directory, as defined by your operating system. You can also use the GUI by going to File - Working Directory. Most people work from their user directory - this will give you write permission and should fix your problem.


As for running the patch, when I click on the Download link I get the option to either run or save the patch. The easiest thing to do is select run, but if that doesn't come up, you can try right-clicking and looking for "Save target as" or something to that effect (save to the Desktop, perhaps). Then you should be able to double-click on that and run.


If you can't get the patch to work, please let me know what internet browser and version you are using, as well as the version of GWB you are running.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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