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How to specify the total pressure on the system?

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Hello GWBers!


I am using GWB 8.0 and this question has been troubling me ever since I started using GWB. How to specify the total pressure on the system, be it in REACT or XT. Sometimes, you want to simulate reaction at certain depth in subsurface where the pressure is greater than atmospheric.


Please help.


Many thanks!


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Hello Vivek,


The partial pressure of gases is almost always much more important to incorporate into reaction models (of near surface systems) than confining pressure, which will typically have a much smaller effect on calculations. You account for the partial pressure of a gas directly by setting its fugacity. If you are interested in the effects of confining pressure, you will need to find a database compiled at your pressure of interest. I would encourage you to search the forum for previous discussions of this topic, including this one here:




Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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