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possible bugs in GSS

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I'm having a couple of problems with the GSS in GWB v9 - not sure if they're bugs or if I'm doing something wrong (I'm relatively new to GWB)


1) When I want to convert from one unit to another, GSS doesn't always convert every cell in a column (even though all the cells are highlighted - most get converted eg from mg/kg to mM but some cells remain unchanged, even though they should also change. This means I can't use GSS to convert units, and I'm worried it might mean that if I use GSS to load into eg React or some other module, the data may not be read/processed correctly


2) when I'm adding a new analyte, and I click on the + analyte button and then the basis list - I seem to get two different versions of the basis list for no obvious reason. I've noticed some items are in common, while others are not (eg only 1 version contains Br and F)


I'd appreciate any helpful suggestions re either of these - thanks!

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Hi Katherine,


Could you please post your GSS file so I can take a look at the unit conversion?


I'm not sure exactly what you mean with the different basis sets. Are you changing the thermodynamic datasets? Could you post a screenshot of what you get, or instructions for reproducing the basis errors in GSS using your file?



Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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