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X1t and X2t


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Hi Aku,


Could you describe your problem a little more? Is this a pure diffusion problem, with two different chemistries diffusing in from either end? Or do you have two separate inlets on the same end in an advecting system (with diffusion and dispersion, of course)?




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It is a pure diffusion problem with two different waters diffusing from different ends. Anyway the water in the ends will be changed, so it is okay to use inlet with diffusion properties. I have a second question. Is there a way to model with x1t or x2t that one does not have to specify inlet fluid but just the cell fluids ?

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Hi Akul,


Currently you cannot specify different inlet chemistries for each end of the domain. I think this is something that will be considered for GWB10.


As far as I know you always need to specify an inlet fluid. It can of course be the same as the initial fluid. If you want to set a heterogeneous initial system (and look at diffusion within the domain, perhaps), you can just set the inlet fluid to match one of the boundaries.


Hope this helps,


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