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How to replicate the output in the water-rock interaction GWB tutorial

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I am trying to model the the water-rock interaction between a simple water sample and dolomite using REACT. I have followed the tutorial from the GWB website but when I plot the results I do not get option for plotting minerals on the y-axis. I cannot see what I am doing differently in my script from the one in the tutorial.


I have attached my file to this post.



Water Dolomite.rea

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Hi Hayley,


In your script you have the precip command set to off. This means that no new minerals can form over the course of the reaction path. Only those that are initially present can form. By typing precip = on, minerals will be allowed to form. In your example, however, Dolomite-ord is supersaturated, so titrating in that mineral does nothing to change your system composition. It won't dissolve, it just accumulates at the rate that you add it to your system (like the very end of the water-rock interaction example of the website).


Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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