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pick up of X1T output for X1T input

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I was wondering if there was a version of the pick up command for X1T or X2T whereby it would pick up all of the species concentrations from the last step of a simulation and import that into the initial basis of a subsequent simulation? if not, what is the simplest way to inputting this data (concentration, x, y) into the initial basis?


thanks, tco

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Hi tco,


We have received some requests for a feature like that lately and will consider implementing this in GWB10. Unfortunately it is not as simple of a matter as picking up the results of a React simulations. One thing that you can do is plot your parameters of interest (typically fluid components) in Xtplot as a color map. You can then export this data into Excel or Notepad (Edit - Copy As - Spreadsheet). After you remove the column/ row labels, you can import the data as a table file (from the GUI, add a Basis species, choose unit, click the + button, and select table file). See the Heterogeneity appendix to the GWB Reactive Transport Guide for details. Be sure to have the data in the correct orientation (X2t reads the top line first and fills the bottom row (row 0)). You might try the "Run Initial" command, then plot your starting values to make sure they match the end of your last simulation.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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