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multi core simulations on Windows Parallel

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I am running GWB10, X1t and X2t on Windows Parallel for my MacBook Pro which has multiple cores, but when I try to engage them using the GUI menu, it still pops up as one. It doesn't seem to allow me to select multicore operation. Is this because when running Windows Parallel it is restricted to a single core? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks, tco

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Hi tco,


We don't have a Mac in-house for testing, but I believe people are able to use the multithreading capabilities of GWB8 and GWB9 Pro on their Macs with Parallels. On PCs, GWB will by default use all available computing cores. Is there a setting within Parallels where you can set the number of cores available to the virtual Windows OS? Hopefully someone else can be more helpful here.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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