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I am new to Geochemist Workbench and the Forum has been suggested as a way to find out the practicability of a process.


I have a project involving a solution of AlCl3.6H2O in Ethanol, and find there is very little data.


The data we have suggests that the solubility is 20% by weight of AlCl3 at 20`C is the limit in Ethanol, and 70% for water, so that the 6H2O simply dilutes the Ethanol. We were wondering if Geochemist Workbench could simulate this, and what we would get out of it.

Assuming it can be simulated, would we get:

Solution Density

Heat Capacity and


Heat of Solution

A solubility Curve from say 10% to 30% as a function of temperature (on the basis that if the dissolution was made at 40`C, could it be cooled to 20`C to get the saturated solution?)


Supplementary date would be:

Could 95% Ethanol be used instead of Absolute Alcohol?

Would it be best to make the solution from Anhydrous AlCl3 (which is nasty in reacting with water?)


My question is can it be done.

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