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Piper Diagrams


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I have a data set that has alkalinity reported as HCO3 and CO3 for samples before a certain date and HCO3, CO3, and CaCO3 for others after that date. On the piper diagram they plot in very different areas, but if I remove the alkalinity as CaCO3 from the data set then those samples plot with the rest. How is the alkalinity portion of the piper diagram calculated? If I include the alkalinity as CaCO3 with the HCO3 and CO3 am I double counting? Any help is appreciated.




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Hi Gus,


Are you adding component/ species concentrations, or actually specifying/ calculating the alkalinity? Would you mind attaching your GSS spreadsheet, so that we can take a look? You can also send it to support@gwb.com if you'd like.


Sorry I didn't notice your post earlier. I've moved it from the archive of old posts to the main forum page. This helps with automatic email notifications, and puts new questions on the front page for people to see.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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