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Calculations in V9


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I recently upgraded to v9 and now the basic calculations like water type, or hardness (or any of them) do not work correctly. I get an Error Report with no message of why it failed. Message in Error Report:




data "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gwb\Gtdata\thermo.dat" verify


decouple CrO4---

decouple NO2-

decouple SeO4--

decouple Sn++

1.000000 free kg H2O

0.01 "mg/l" Ag+ as Ag

0.03 "mg/l" Al+++ as Al

5 "mg/l" HCO3-

0.005 "mg/l" As(OH)4- as As

0.18 "mg/l" B(OH)3 as B

0.1 "mg/l" Ba++ as Ba

8 "mg/l" Ca++ as Ca

28 "mg/l" Cl- as Cl

remove silent Co++

0.01 "mg/l" CrO4--- as Cr

0.01 "mg/l" Cu+ as Cu

0.8 "mg/l" F- as F

0.03 "mg/l" Fe++ as Fe

0.001 "mg/l" Hg++ as Hg

5 "mg/l" K+ as K

remove silent Li+

1 "mg/l" Mg++ as Mg

0.01 "mg/l" Mn++ as Mn

44 "mg/l" Na+ as Na

0.01 "mg/l" Ni++ as Ni

remove silent NO2-

remove silent NO3-

0.002 "mg/l" Pb++

9.700000 "pH" H+

remove silent HPO4--

0.005 "mg/l" SeO4-- as Se

remove silent Sn++

37 "mg/l" SO4--

remove silent Sr++

TDS 177.718600

temperature 25

remove silent V+++

0.01 "mg/l" Zn++ as Zn







Anyone know of a fix to this problem?



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It looks like GSS doesn't like some of the analytes being listed as elemental equivalents. In your case, the polyatomic ions like B(OH)3, SeO4--, etc. are fine. You can define them "as B" or "as Se," but the single element ions, like Pb++, cause the problem when defined "as Pb." For now, you'll have to change the "as..." setting for the appropriate analytes. We'll take a look at the code regarding this issue.


Hope this helps,


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