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Adding species to THERMO gives weird results with GW9 - Standard

Oleh Weres

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When I was using GW7 Standard I added glycolate as a basis species and glycolic acid as a derived species to THERMO and it worked fine. I was careful to change the number of species in both places. Using the same modified data base with GW9 Standard gives weird results: Elemental Fe precipitates from geothermal brine. So now I am using the original THERMO modified only by substituting in correct values for solubility of amorphous silica and quartz, and GW9 works fine again.



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Hi Oleh,


If you post your two modified thermo datasets, your script, and some sort of plot or explanation of the old and new results I'd be happy to take a look.




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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