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How can I set a name for a fluid?


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I need to set a name for a brine in REACT. For example, I want to set the name "fluid1" for this brine:


HCO3- = 49 mg/kg

Ca++ = 6208 mg/kg

Mg++ = 1023 mg/kg

Na+ = 84814 mg/kg

K+ = 857 mg/kg

Cl- = 145973 mg/kg

SO4-- = 159 mg/kg

SiO2(aq) = 1 mg/kg


and then just use the "fluid1" in the rest of my script instead of repeating whole the mixture. Is there any way to do this in REACT?

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If you enter the composition of your fluid in the Basis pane, you can go to File - Save as... fluid1.rea (or use the command save fluid1.rea) to save the fluid into your current working directory. The next time you open React (as long as you're in the same working directory) you can go to File - Open - Read Script... (or command read fluid1.rea) to bring your saved fluid into the Basis pane. You might save two fluids ahead of time this way, then read them in to mix them together. An example (Section 3.9 of the Reaction Modeling Guide) demonstrates how you can read a fluid, solve for its chemical speciation, pick up the fluid and move it to the Reactants pane, then read the other fluid into the Basis pane so that you can mix the two together. From the command pane, this looks like:


read fluid1.rea



pickup reactants = fluid


read fluid2.rea

reactants times 10



React equilibrates fluid 1 and takes the fluid's bulk composition as a reactant. The program then equilibrates fluid2 and reacts about 10 kg of fluid 1 (assuming initial solvent mass of 1kg) into the second fluid over the course of the reaction path.


Please let me know if that's not what you mean. Perhaps you want to save the fluid as a sample in a GSS spreadsheet?




Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. In the section 3.9 of the Reaction Modeling Guide, page 31, in the sentence "To mix fluid 1 (whose composition, pH, etc., are listed in dataset "Fluid1") ...", what is the mean by "dataset"? Is it a GSS spreadsheet or a saved .rea file?



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I think that particular example refers to a saved .rea file.


You might find that storing data in a GSS file as well could be useful. You can launch SpecE8 or React from GSS, for example, or if you have GWB 9 you can use drag-and-drop to move a sample from a GSS spreadsheet into the Basis pane of React.


Hope this helps,



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