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Data from React to GSS?


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I am new to using GWB, and am trying to figure out a way to plot a fluid composition that I've calculated in React on the same plot as fluid compositions I have in GSS. Is there a way to import a fluid analysis into GSS from React? Or, is there some other way to make a plot with data from both React and GSS?


Thank you!

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Hi Carolyn,


Not exactly sure what type of data you're plotting but in any case this shouldn't be too hard. Once you run your model in React and plot up the results in Gtplot, you can import scatter data from GSS into Gtplot. From Gtplot, go to File - Open - Scatter data and select your GSS spreadsheet which contains the data you would like to plot.


If you go to the Tutorials page on our website you'll find a quick walk-through of this process. Find the "Using GWB" section and click on "How do I import scatter data"?


You can also learn more about GSS and Gtplot by going to the GWB User's Guides. Sections 3.6.5 and 8.3 in the GWB Essentials Guide, for example, should be useful.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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